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A pair of cosmic figures containing galaxies, planets and organ-like planetary forms perched on a multicolored sphere. The figures are touching, yet separated by a line right through the center of the image. They are very close, yet distant. Their distance may be emotional, physical, or both. Relationships are not easy. This piece is dedicated to the melancholia of being with someone you love, but feeling distance in one way or another, and the very worth it, but hard work it takes to bridge that gap.


With a clean minimal color scheme, hints of anatomical and planetary forms, and a sleek black frame, this piece brings a combination of minimalist and witchy vibes to any space. Measuring 5.25x7 inches on paper, this piece comes in a 9x11 inch floating frame with 2 panes of glass, complete with pre-installed hanging hardware making it ready to display on your walls!


Artwork details

Materials: Mixed-media paper, blue, purple & black ink

Size: 5.25 x 7 inch paper (13.335 x 17.78 cm); 9 x 11 inches with frame (22.86 x 27.94 cm)

Date: Created in 2017


Notes: Please allow a minimum of 7 business days for US shipping. Shipping outside of the US is not available for Original works at this time, but is available for Prints.

This frame is upcycled and thus, may have minor scuffs.

Any watermarks shown on display images are to discourage plagiarism and do not appear on the actual artwork you will receive.

Product appearance may differ slightly due to variations in screen resolution or lighting.

Our World | Anatomy Cosmic Figures on a Purple Planet

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