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“I had a great experience with Karli! Such great communication and understanding throughout the project. I am mind blown by the piece she made me since my request was so simple. The details and presentation of the art piece is so beautiful. I can't wait to hang it up.”
- Johanna B; Dental Student 
“Karli makes some of the most gorgeous and interesting pieces I’ve seen. She is an excellent artist and watching her grow throughout the years has been an utter pleasure.”
- Niovi D; Biomedical Engineering Student 
Previous Testimonials
“I was blown away by Karli’s professionalism and skill while designing our business logo and social media watermark! I had an idea of what I wanted going into our virtual meeting, but honestly everything turned out so much better than I even could’ve hoped for! I get so many compliments!”
- Jordan M; Veterinarian &
Founder of Sonoran Standard Poodles 
“Karli was incredibly communicative and professional when creating commissioned pieces for me. The end result was always exactly what I wanted, but she continued the dialogue and offered to change any parts that I found unsatisfactory. She is also one of the kindest people I’ve had the opportunity to know and I value her talent and extensive training.”
- Carlyn C; Environmental Engineer 
“The best birthday present that I received for my 60th birthday was was a painting created by Karli in the likes of me! She was able to capture me with details of my personality that only a true artist could achieve. I love my portrait! Thank you, Karli!”
- Randy M; Educator 
“Amazing experience with Karli! She is so talented and willing to accommodate requests. I saw one of her pieces that I loved and she was willing to recreate a smaller version just for me. I've had that piece hanging in my home for years now and I love it!”
- Marisa R; Industrial and Organizational Psychology Student